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Special Session Announcement: Architecture Tectonics

We are excited to announce a special session titled "Architecture Tectonics: Phenomenological Approach from the Physical to the Meta-Physical" as part of our upcoming conference. This session explores the intricate relationship between architecture and tectonics, delving into the profound connection from the physical aspects to the metaphysical realms.


Session Overview: Architecture Tectonics encompasses diverse topics, from the tangible form and structure of buildings to the intangible yet deeply influential aspects of creative design and theoretical frameworks. This special session seeks to unravel the complexities of architectural tectonics through a phenomenological lens, examining how the interplay between form, function, and creative thought shapes our built environment.


Topics of Interest:

Architecture Form: Exploring the diverse forms and expressions of architectural design, from traditional to contemporary approaches.

Creative Architecture Design: Investigating innovative and imaginative design solutions that push the boundaries of conventional architecture.

New Trends in Building Technology: Analyzing the latest advancements in building materials, construction techniques, and sustainable technologies.

Creative Thoughts Theory: Examining theoretical frameworks and conceptual approaches that underpin creative thinking in architecture.

Functionalism: Evaluating the relationship between form and function in architecture and how functional considerations influence design outcomes.


Call for Papers:

We invite researchers, academics, architects, and practitioners to submit their contributions to this special session. Submissions may include original research papers, case studies, design projects, and theoretical inquiries that explore the multifaceted dimensions of architecture tectonics.
Join us in this thought-provoking exploration of Architecture Tectonics, where we aim to foster interdisciplinary dialogue, innovative ideas, and creative insights that transcend the boundaries of traditional architectural discourse.
Please visit our conference website for more information on submission guidelines and deadlines.
We look forward to your participation in this stimulating session.